It all started when...

Mark and Julie Gabala looked at a 150 year old brick farm house and decided it was exactly where they wanted to raise their family. Mark has always wanted to have a fruit orchard and well, Julie was foolish enough to move into the snow belt of Allegan County. 

The result is Square Nail Farm, a small 25 acre family orchard producing 23 varieties of apples, 3 types of plums, 2 varieties of pears, 18 different peach varieties, and fresh apple cider. We are participants in a low/reduced spray program reducing the amount of applied chemistry by 40% in comparison to store fruit. This reduced spray program is achieved through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program sponsored by MSU which offers in season pest management information based on real-time field studies.

For you this means fresh fruit starting before August 1st and fresh (raw, not pasteurized) cider through Halloween or longer.